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We have completed numerous projects offering a high level of service, workmanship, integrity and innovation.
Flooring Installation in Vancouver's Dunbar area
Bathroom Renovation in West Vancouver
Kitchen Renovation in Port Moody
Flooring Installation in Vancouver's Yaletown
Flooring Installation in Kerrisdale, Vancouver
Kitchen Renovation in North Vancouver
Complete Kitchen Renovation in Downtown Vancouver
Kitchen Renovation in Maple Ridge
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Rockville Homes is committed to providing each customer with the best quality products and the highest standard services. We provide a wide range of services with high-quality and reasonable price. The main categories are Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling, Flooring Installation, Concrete Leveling, Fences and Decks, Home Improvement etc. We have an excellent team, professional, innovative and responsible people to give you the best home renovation experience. Here is what our customers say about us:
James from Vancouver
Fast, efficient and accurate on time service. Oleg and his team are pleasant to work with and have a great finishing touch.
Maria from West Vancouver
Gorgeous new Living room with new kitchen and bathroom
We were looking for company with top quality craftsmanship and interesting design ideas to completely redo our living room, with kitchen and bathroom. One of our friends suggested Oleg's crew , as they were very pleased with end result. So we met with several companies and finaly decided to go with Oleg. His team did great 3d design and it really helped us to choose between options before work even started. The construction process went really well, all trades were very corteous and professional. The end result is great, and we are very happy that we chose Oleg's team. We would like to thank you guys for great design and ideas , it makes a big difference. We would definitely recommend you to our friends and call you again for our future reno. Thank you again
Adam in Port Moody
Engineered Hardwood Install
Oleg and his crew were referred to me by a family friend. Oleg installed engineered hardwood throughout our entire condo in the bedroom, living, room, kitchen and hallway. We had some issues getting the floor level due to the previous tiling that was done in the unit. With Olegs help and experience we were able to get the floor level and smooth. Oleg and his crew were clean, knowledgeable, professional and efficient. We love our new floors and would highly recommend Oleg and his crew for your flooring projects!
Marty (MDM Services - General Contractor)
Rockville Homes ( former VIP Flooring) has done several jobs for us and have always been very professional. The work was done on time and to my quality standards.
I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
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What type of flooring to choose? Hardwood, Laminate or Vinyl Plank...
When choosing your new floor this question comes in mind all of the time.
There are so many options out there and choosing the right product can get quite frustrating. Obviously each type of flooring has its own features and its own pros and cons.
Hardwood flooring is probably the most expensive option BUT it will bring the value of your home up more than any other kind of flooring. There are a few options when choosing your hardwood floors. You have Solid Wood and Engineered Hardwood and each of them comes in different species and each specie comes in different stain colors.
Vinyl flooring priced similar to Laminate but usually is on higher side. Vinyl and Laminate can look very similar and the one difference between them is that Vinyl is waterproof. So if you spill something on your floor and leave it for a while - no problem. But keep in mind that if your dishwasher leaks when you are away and you come home to 3 inches of water in your kitchen, your vinyl flooring might look fine but it would still need to be lifted up and dried to make sure that there is no mould there. Also, if you decde to install Vinyl flooring in your home your subfloor must be nearly perfectly leveled, because vinyl is usually quite thin and you would notice every hump and dip in your floor and it does not matter if you float it or glue it down.
Laminate flooring is probably the cheapest option but definetely NOT the worst. Laminate flooring surface is very durable, so if you have a big dog this might be the best option for you.
In a nutshell...
Hardwood - most expensive but most luxury option, brings the value of your home up quite a bit, scratches easily, reacts to the humidity and temperature by expanding and contracting ( solid hardwood expands and contracts way more than engineered though) and has way more options and pricing to choose from. If your budget allows you to go with hardwood flooring then go ahead and do that, you will get your money back if you decide to sell.
Vinyl - waterproof and can be a good alternative to ceramic tile and Laminate.
Laminate - less expensive, has very durable surface, easy to change boards if scratched or damaged by water.
We want to have hardwood flooring Installed in our home. what method of installation should we go for?
If you decided to go with Hardwood Flooring in your home - Congratulations, It is an amazing choice. But now you need to decide what method of Installation to choose. When it comes to hardwood flooring there are 3 methods of installation:
1.Nail/Staple Down
2.Glue Down
3. Floating
Let's look at each of these methods in more detail
1.Nail down or Staple down - pretty much the same thing or very similar. The only difference is the type of fasteners used by an installer ( cleat or staple)
This method is used when your hardwood flooring is being installed on plywood or OSB. Each board is being nailed to the subfloor by using compressed air and a nail gun. Usually this method of installation is more expensive than floating but less expensive than glue down. When installed properly there should be no issues with that type of installation but if the nailing pattern is incorrect or air pressure in an air compressor is too high then you could end up with squicky boards caused by broken or cracked tongues or by fasteners being too far apart. Also, if the air pressure is too low then the fasteners may not be sinked in properly and when next board is installed against that fastener, the edge of that board is lifting up/ delaminates. Normally it is not visible right away and when a floor is fully installed and cleaned you can see where every fastener is under the surfase of a floor when you look at it at a distance. Another ponential issue is that if you live in a climate where it is dry in the winter and humid in the summer your floor (if it is solid hardwood floor) will shrink in the winter and expand in the summer causing fasteners to loosen up and potentially create some squicks. This is why you need to have a humidifier in the winter and dehumidifier in the summer. Engineering Hardwood on the other hand does not react to temperature and humidity as much as solid hardwood but still needs to be acclimatized. Remember to always acclimatize your floor for 72 hours in the house with temperature above 20 degrees Celcius and Relative Humidity above 40% or as suggested by your flooring manufacturer. If your installer follows all of the instructions properly and checks the moisture of flooring planks and a subfloor ( the difference usually should not exceed 5-10%)
2.Glue down method mostly used when you are installing your hardwood floor on concrete. Special flooring glue that comes in pales is spread on concrete ( same way that ceramic tile is installed) and floor planks are installed on top. An installer is usually using ratchet straps to keep floor planks together without letting them to separate. Once the glue is set (about 12-16 hours later) straps are removed and floor is wiped with adhesive remover to get rid of spots of glue that got on your finished floor. This method can be used if you have radiant heat. The downside is that this method is the most expensive but is definitely the safest by far. When glue dries under your floor is will still allow it to expand and contract and since the whole area is covered in glue the floor will not squick. The average cost of glue is $175 per pale and usually you will need about 6 pales to cover 1000 square feet of flooring. On the other hand if you live in a condo this method is not recommended because the glue does not have soundproof qualities unless you are prepared to spend $350-$400 per pale of glue that does have soundproof rating.
3. Floating Hardwood Installation Method is usually used in condos and appartment buildings. You would need to purchase underlay material that will be laid on your subfloor surface and has soundproof rating. You will need to check with your strata or condo board what rating is required for your building. Then hardwood flooring planks are installed on top of underlay (same as laminate installation). The only difference between laminate installation and floating hardwood flooring is that your hardwood will not have click locks, so each plank is glued together by tongue and groove glue. This is not the same glue that is used for full spread dlue down and is much cheaper. Normally the cost of tongue and groove glue is included in Installation. An installer most likely will use same ratchet straps to hold floor planks together during an installation process or some installer use painters tape instead (not recommended) which can do the trick if an installer knows how to do it.
Average pricing for each installation method as of April 2020 in Canada:
Nail/Staple down $3-$4 per square foot (fasteners are included in price)
Glue down $4-$5 per square foot plus glue ($150-$175 per pale)
Floating $2.50-$3.00 per square foot (tongue and groove glue is included in price) plus the cost of underlay, depending on soundproof rating ($0.25-$0.70 per square foot)
What is the average price for hardwood flooring Installation?
Average pricing for each hardwood flooring installation method as of April 2020 in Canada:
Nail/Staple down $3-$4 per square foot (fasteners are included in price)
Glue down $4-$5 per square foot plus glue ($150-$175 per pale)
Floating $2.50-$3.00 per square foot (tongue and groove glue is included in price) plus the cost of underlay, depending on soundproof rating ($0.25-$0.70 per square foot)
What is the full list of services that you provide?
At Rockville homes we specialize in full renovation services - inside and out. We can help you from demolition of your old kitchen or bathroom to complete remodeling of your home. Our crew can help you with flooring installation, plumbing, painting, electrical work, drywall repair, concrete, floor leveling, cleaning, gutter installation, baseboards and crown moldings, carpentry work, window installation, cabinet refinishing, landscaping and so much more.
Are you Insured?
Yes, we are fully covered by WCB and Liability Insurance
Can a customer buy all materials elsewhere?
Yes, you can buy your own building materials from any supplier and we will install and deliver them for you
How much time does it take to complete our renovation?
Timeline for completing home renovation always depends on the size of your project. We will give you an estimated timeline before start of the project so you can be prepared.
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